Visitor Information:

We are a group of eager fishermen/women helping maintain and promote healthy fishing for the future. Angling Club members are not just local members but people who cherish this wonderful part of the world we call BEMM RIVER.

The Bemm River Township is located in East Gippsland in Victoria, Australia on the shore of Sydenham Inlet 441 kilometres east of Melbourne. The Bemm River flows into the inlet east of the town and the ocean beaches are a short drive to the southwest.

The township is famous for its fishing but in more recent times other nature based activities have also attracted holiday makers to the area including bird watchers, eco-tourists and hikers.The town contains a hotel, a shop, a caravan park and a number of self contained flats and bungalows.

Petrol is not available in the Town and should be purchased from Orbost or Cann River on the way.  For more information about Bemm River, including accommodation and fishing supplies go to bemmriver.org.au

Fishing Bemm River:

Fishing at Bemm can be done from a small boat which may be launched from one of the two ramps on the lake, one of our fishing platforms on the lake/river or down at one of our prime surf beaches heading down to the supurb Pearl Point.

Local species of fish that are known to anglers are Bream, Flathead, Perch, Salmon, Taylor and mullet.
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